Back to Businesses - Faux Flowers Bringing Businesses Back to Life

There is cautious optimism in the air as we start to enjoy long overdue haircuts, dinners out, and even nights away from home.  As lockdown eases businesses are preparing with much excitement to welcome their customers once again.  

The team at Hoax have made it easy for restaurants, salons, hotels and shops to freshen their interiors with a new range of floral fancies to ensure customers receive a warm welcome.  Completely effortless as all our collection pieces are delivered expertly arranged by our team of florists in a stylish vase.  The only thing you'll need to do is unbox and find the perfect position for your joyful (faux) flowers.

Camilla - A luxurious arrangement of summer favourites such as peony, delphinium, dahlia and hydrangea that will bring the outside in.

Paisley - Will brighten any interior with its playful mix of sky blue delphinium, pink echinacea and yellow mimosa amongst other garden favourites.  

Beatrice - A whimsical spring collection including narcissi, hyacinth, ranunculus, buddleia and anemone.  

We know business owners are also acknowledging that in a year where economic activity around the world was frozen by the pandemic, carbon emissions fell by the largest amount ever recorded and in small ways, our planet had a chance to start rewilding.   

 As we return to our ‘normal’ way of life reigniting our economy it’s important that we don’t lose sight of the glimmer of hope nature has shown us and we continue to work together on a road to recovery for our environment and one way we can do this in our everyday life is by being conscientious consumers.  

Choosing faux flowers over fresh not only reduces monthly flower bills for a company but also reduces their carbon footprint when compared with fresh flowers and their production as well as transport.  It's one of the key reasons we started Hoax.

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