'Green' Resolutions

Americans have watched the ball drop in Time Square symbolising the passage of time, the Danish have thrown old plates at the doors of their loved ones to bring good luck, the Spanish have eaten 12 grapes to boost their chances of prosperity and Big Ben has rung in 2023 in the UK surrounded by fireworks and vibrant celebrations. 

 Across the world the New Year marks a time to make resolutions for positive change, an opportunity to get things right.  Making ‘green’ resolutions has never been more crucial.  Finding achievable ways to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle will inspire others and reduce our impact on the planet.     

Sustainability is set to continue being a buzz word in interior design over the coming months as consumers adopt a reduce, reuse, recycle attitude.  Sustainability is one of the key reasons we started Hoax.  The longevity of artificial flowers versus their real counterparts doesn’t just save money over time but it also saves the environmental cost of repeatedly harvesting, transporting, purchasing and disposing of fresh flowers.   

The team at Hoax have made it easy for eco-savvy shoppers to update their interiors with a new range of mood boosting florals.  

Neutral pallets are set to be at the forefront of design in 2023.  White bouquets are always the fastest selling Hoax designs, a trend we expect to continue with our new range which includes the delectable Sara, Flora, wren and Zadie . 


Warm ‘sunset hues’ are forecast to rise in popularity, perfect for creating a warm welcome.  Explore our deceptively realistic Amelie, Mabel, Bonnie and Ettie designs, guaranteed to add nourishing energy to any space.  


Yellow is set to trend in 2023 for its warmth and energy, however it can be an intimidating colour to decorate with.  Adding pops of this vibrant colour can be a great way of updating a look and faux florals are the perfect way to achieve this.  Our timeless Josephine can be used to add a refreshing burst of colour and looks particularly eye catching against green walls or warm wood cabinets.


Designers are also embracing deep purple and mustard colours to create calming spaces.  The skilled team at Hoax have used these earthy tones and combined hydrangea, anemone, lisianthus, viburnum and eucalyptus to create the luxurious Mabel design ready to unbox and complete your ‘greener’ interior for years to come.


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