How To Choose And Care For Your Everlasting Faux Flowers

From beautiful bud vases to dramatic displays  the power of flowers to transform the look and feel of a space is undeniable.  To get in the Spring spirit, ready for the long Easter weekend, team Hoax have shared their top tips to achieve a foolproof floral flourish!        




To create the perfect display consider what size, shape and style of vase will work well in your space and compliment your blooms.  

If using your own vase we recommend selecting one with a fluted neck which will help hold flowers in place and make it easier to create an impressive display.    




Next decide what colours will work well.  Colour inspires us, it changes and sets a mood.  Our individual approaches to colour give an opportunity to express personality throughout our homes.  Colour choices enhance the environment we are trying to create from soothing neutral pallets in a bedroom to lively corals in a  kitchen.



 Select flowers which are a suitable size for your space, too big or too small they are going to look out of place.  Choose flower varieties that are in keeping with your decor - wild, sophisticated, exotic?!  An individuals approach to the flowers they use will help create an atmosphere and tell a story throughout the home. 


 If you aren’t green fingered then luxurious faux flowers are a great way to achieve a fresh-flower look all year round.  For minimal effort and maximum impact Hoax flowers arrive expertly arranged by our team of florists as a bouquet or in a vase.   The flowers may need a little straightening or fluffing after their journey to make them look their best.  Hoax flowers won’t leave pollen stains, leak water, affect allergies, wilt or drop and they are safe for pets and children too - as long as they don’t eat them! We recommend a quick sweep with a feather duster or blast of cold air from a hairdryer every once in a while to keep your Hoax flowers bold and beautiful.

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