Deck The Halls

It’s never to early to prepare for Christmas a time of indulgence and opulence.  Festive feasts, fanciful gifts and whimsical parties to plan.  To help you deck the halls ready for the carousel of guests this festive season, the talented team at Hoax Flowers have a Christmas gift for you - luxuriously decorated faux wreaths and garlands which will effortlessly transform your home this year and for years to come!     

Christmas is traditionally a time of extravagance and excess, a period of peak consumption which often isn’t the most environmentally friendly.  We are all increasingly aware of the necessity to make eco-savvy purchases.  By choosing decorations which can be lovingly re-used year after year you will not only save money over time but also reduce wastage so you can continue to be indulgent without the guilt!


Abundant with luxurious red velvet baubles, juicy red apples and pine cone decorations our Rudolph garland and wreath designs are an opulent festive statement.   

Our team of skilled florists have dressed along the length of the 180cm (6ft) sumptuous artificial Christmas garland and 60cm wreath with lavish decorations so you simply need to unpack, position in your home and get ready to impress your guests.


The power of beautiful foliage to transform a space should never be underestimated.  The Blitzen Garland and wreath are an elegantly minimalist mix of winter greenery combined with blueberries and the earthy tones of pine cones, lotus heads  and cinnamon sticks, an unbeatable festive combination. 

 Our team of skilled florists have decorated the 152cm (5ft) faux garland and 60cm wreath ready to transform your home this year and for years to come!


Bring your home to life this festive season with Dasher, our luxurious faux garland and wreath.  Brimming with opulent gold and white beaded baubles, snowy white berries and pine cones nestled amongst the seasonal pine and eucalyptus foliage.  

Our florists have skilfully decorated the 180cm (6ft) garland and 60cm wreath ready for you to unbox and enjoy a white (and gold) Christmas!

✔️Less mess, less stress, unbox and enjoy 

✔️Guilt free indulgence, reduce waste and re-use year after year  

 ✔️Enchanted entranceways 

✔️Captivating fireplaces 

✔️Opulent staircases 

✔️Lavish tablescapes

All that’s left is for you to decide is where to place them ✔️ Decorations off your list and get ready to impress your guests!

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