Transform your space with flowers

Autumn has arrived, nights are creeping in, the temperature is dropping and the vivid colours of summer are fading.  As with new season fashion trends, seasonal updates to our home decor can help keep them up to date without the need for an overhaul.  

Over the past year we have seen a movement away from minimalism towards a more comforting look, a trend which is set to continue in to 2022.  Homes are becoming cabinets of curiosities, reflecting personality, filled with memories and things we love. 

The importance of having more sustainable homes also continues to grow and the movement towards conscious consumption is being reflected in interior trends.   

Hoax’s statement vases have the power to transform your interior in an instant and are a great way to achieve low waste living.         

AMBER - Perfect for the Maximalist look.  A bold mix of colour and texture for the free spirited designer to place against a patterned wall. 

AURELIA - Ideal for a country cottage update.  Luxury traditional style, flouncy, lush botanicals the perfect match for  rustic and reclaimed character decor. 

POPPY - Effortlessly complete earthy and grounded decor with this warming and comforting display, guaranteed to make you feel calm and connected to nature.

SCARLETT - For fans of classic traditionalism. Luxurious traditional flowers paired with a modern sleek vase.  The perfect decorative accent to place alongside classic art and soft furnishings.

Embrace the change and update your decor with a statement vase of Hoax flowers which will transform your interior into a cosy retreat and ensure your most loved autumnal flowers don’t wilt and fade.

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