Flowers Mean Business

September is  always a month of change but never before has it been such a big one.  Back to school excitement and refocusing our end of year goals as many people head back into work, some after months of working from home.   

Having lived through lockdown restrictions there are inevitable anxieties as we embark on this change making it important for business owners to make spaces inviting and help both team members and customers feel relaxed. 

‘Flower power’, to coin a phrase, should never be underestimated.  These blooming beauties are not only packed with symbolism but are also scientifically proven to lift spirits, help people relax and improve productivity.   

The team at Hoax have selected the most joyful (faux) autumnal flowers and designed a range of luxurious arrangements expertly curated and delivered ready to go in a stylish vase, making it easy for all types of businesses to upgrade their interiors and spread some positive vibes.

Dahlia’s were originally grown as a food source by the Aztecs, they symbolises wealth and involvement. They have gained a reputation for being the ‘Houdini of the garden’ thanks to the huge range of colours, shapes and sizes now available which has seen these bountiful blooms shoot up in popularity over recent years.  Our Dahlia vase captures the most vibrant of autumnal flowers and combines them in a recycled glass vase bringing the joy of the outside in. 

Sunflowers were originally grown for seeds and oil.  They symbolise good fortune, vitality and happiness, what more could a business want?!  Hoax have picked this giant of the garden, to create our show stopping Sunny design.  Arranged in a tall sleek off white vase perfect for large spaces or focal points where it can radiate sunny vibes to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

Hydrangeas symbolise gratitude, grace and beauty, a flower which has been proven to lift spirits  and bring joy.  It’s name originally comes from ‘hydro’ (water), an appropriate name as fresh hydrangeas need a lot of water!  Our Heidi vase combines our favourite autumnal shades of these abundant blooms but it won’t require fiddly stem trims and water top ups  - no mess and zero maintenance, perfect for busy workers!

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