Artificial flowers inspired by nature

Summer is such a time of abundance with fruit, flowers and vegetables growing all around creating a haven for wildlife and for us!

The inspiration behind Hoax Flowers starts from and with nature. Our three florist founders all have their own love affair with flowers and passion for nature. Lizzie, our keen gardener inspired by her Grandparents and Mum has cultivated a city garden oasis brimming with flowers, fruit and vegetables (with a dash of help from her little boy Arthur). Gemma now lives on a farm with her young family in the rolling hills of West Dorset surrounded by natural beauty and enjoying the challenge of designing ways to maximise the farm throughout the seasons.  Latoyah’s taste is more stylised, a busy Mum and co-owner of a further three businesses she doesn’t have much time to spend gardening so instead has created a low maintenance utopia to enjoy when she does get a minute to rest! 

As florists they see trends in colours and flower varieties continually evolving but there are always those perennial favourite blooms everyone appreciates. It’s why Lizzie, Gemma and Latoyah have sought inspiration in their own personal lives as well as their fashion focused floristry experience to develop a core classic collection at Hoax alongside an ever changing range of seasonal bouquets.  

The collection process begins with Lizzie, who is always full of ideas, sketching out designs and suggesting which flowers, foliage and colours could work to create the desired look. Working with fresh flowers day to day as busy florists has given the team the advantage of knowing and understanding the endless varieties and shades available. It is this knowledge that Gemma and Latoyah use to source the highest quality and most lifelike artificial flowers. Once the ingredients of the arrangement are finalised the process of finding the perfect vase to complete the design begins. Surprisingly this stage of the development process is the hardest part as Lizzie, Latoyah and Gemma all have different tastes. Lizzie steers towards colourful and more flamboyant styles, Latoyah likes understated chic and Gemma is a fan of classic, timeless design. 

The bespoke designs are eventually brought to life with the help of our skilled team of florists before the final stage being professionally photographed. It’s so fun for the team to see how the arrangements are captured creating different moods in a variety of settings, from modern apartments to rustic pubs. At Hoax we view our floral arrangements as pieces of art, the finishing touch to a room’s decor.  

There will always be a place for fresh flowers however through Hoax, Lizzie, Gemma and Latoyah wanted to bring the best of professional floral design to the artificial flower market, creating deceptively realistic bouquets and arrangements that stand the test of time and continue to bring joy whatever the season. The longevity and reusability of artificial flowers versus their real counterparts doesn’t just save money over time but it also reduces the environmental cost to the planet we love.

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