‘Permanent botanicals’ is a name we love using at Hoax for our range of flowers. With an increasing proportion of the population on a mission to be sustainable shoppers purchasing something which is ‘permanent’ rather than disposable is a key step in the right direction. 

 Post lockdown sustainability is more important to consumers than ever before with reports finding that many shoppers are willing to pay more for eco friendly products. 

 While luxury permanent botanicals do often cost more than their fresh counterparts, forward thinking eco-consumers are realising that by replacing some of their disposable fresh flowers with permanent botanicals they will reduce their overall consumption and spend on flowers over time. 

 Reducing consumption is a key step in the right direction for a more sustainable lifestyle.  The reusability of permanent botanicals is another reason they are a great decor investment for eco savvy shoppers.  Moving permanent botanicals from time to time is a cost effective way to inject life into a different space and can totally transform the look and feel of a flower display.    

 If a time comes when you want to update your look and replace your permanent botanicals, we encourage customers to adopt the best form of recycling…give them to someone else to enjoy…a friend, church or charity just as you would with your pre-loved furniture.

Multi award winner Emily Murray founder and editor of The Pink House has shared how her ‘amazingly realistic’ Evelina  became a permanent feature in her home, transforming her hallway, kitchen and even bathroom.  A pink lovers paradise, Evelina is brimming with roses, hydrangeas and agapanthus expertly arranged by our team of florists into a taupe coloured vase ready to use and reuse, and reuse, and reuse…

The neutral tones of our Darcy, Liliana and Grace botanicals are consistently popular as they are timeless and offer lots of versatility when deciding where to place them.  The wild collection of flowers in Grace , including campanula, cosmos, scabious and vibrant greenery look deceptively organic when placed in a kitchen, bathroom or even on top of a grand piano. 

If your looking for a sustainable way to transform a space view our full range of permanent botanicals for inspiration.  

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