Minimal Effort, Maximum Impact

Over time different room accents come and go with the current trends, the one constant that has stood the test of time is flowers.  Flowers can lift any interior instantly and have a positive effect on our mood.

We all love fresh flowers but as florists we have found that there are times when using artificial flowers is better than the real thing. 

 Whatever the season, sun drenched windowsills are fatal for fresh flowers but are often the perfect place for an eye-catching display.  To avoid cleaning up the inevitable scorched petals and replacing flowers repeatedly faux flowers are the perfect solution.  

Fast forward a few months and you can update the look of your floral focal point with a different seasonal selection perhaps in a different colour pallet or style to give your interior a fresh look.  The existing display can be relocated to bring a pop of energy to a different room.   

Faux flowers are the perfect solution to ensure spare bedrooms are always guest ready, entrance halls are welcoming and have an instant talking point.  Dark corners and areas with poor light can be brought to life with a burst of colour and areas of the home where it would be frivolous to have weekly fresh flowers that only occasionally get appreciated can get a floral upgrade.

World-renowned interior designer Sophie Ashby recently recommended our Josephine vase in her article for Vogue Interiors on '7 easy ways to refresh your home' . Josephine is a beautiful vase guaranteed to brighten up your home like the summer sun.  A glorious abundance of yellow Mimosa mixed with Olive branches and soft grey Robinia foliage.  Our skilful team of florists have selected a chic off white vase to complete the design and make it look just like the real thing, or possibly even better!

If your looking for a timeless classic the Liliana is designed to suit any interior or space.  A pretty mix of Dahlia, Tulips, Alstroemeria and Hydrangea mingled with the highest quality Viburnum and Eucalyptus.  The flowers and foliage are individually arranged by our team of florists into a sleek off white vase to complete this best-selling arrangement and ensure that all important realistic appearance.

In need of a pop of energy? Delilah is a beautiful abundance of Tulips guaranteed to bring lots of joy.  A stunning collection of bold and beautiful stems individually selected and skilfully arranged in a sleek lichen coloured vase by our team of florists to create a beautiful show-stopper.

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