The Perfect Mother's Day Gift

Mother’s are super-humans with unprecedented skills which include lie detecting, solving mysteries and conflict resolution.  Mother’s Day falls on 27th March this year so it’s time to start planning a gift that is as unique and thoughtful as the special women in your life.   

When you become a parent your focus shifts and it’s easy to loose some of your identity.  Gifting flowers which reflect personal style is not only decorative and functional but can also promote wellness by infusing colour, personality and energy into any space.   

To help you select the perfect flowers to celebrate the brilliance and individuality of Mum’s we have been looking at what’s trending this coming season. 

In 2022 we will continue to live and consume consciously.  Mindfulness of the environment will continue to impact our decisions sustaining the growth in popularity of faux flowers for their longevity.  

Mood-enhancing flowers are going to be a favourite this year such as peonies which symbolise love, honour, and happiness or magnolias, soft and subtle in colour but strong in appearance symbolic of femininity.                    

The movement towards expressing individuality in our homes is set to continue giving us a wide spectrum of colours to choose from.    

The 2021 trend for monochromatic flowers is still growing.  Using one flower variety  in a subtle colour pallet creates a calm atmosphere and celebrates natural simplicity.  

Bright and bold flowers such as ranunculus are surging in popularity.  They evoke feelings of excitement while spreading positivity and joy - which tired mother doesn’t need that?!  

Equally eye catching are soft vanilla tones paired with spring greens, a softer more relaxing alternative to crisp whites.  

Muted pinks have become a mainstay in recent years for their elegance, softness and warmth.  A serene dusty pink arrangement works perfectly with a splash of raspberry or earthy tones.  A firm favourite for Mother’s Day.    

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