It’s official, faux has made a comeback and is in full fashionable bloom!  Its adorning the front of buildings on our high streets and covering the pages of home and interiors magazines.

Recent developments have made it hard to tell the best faux from the real deal as manufacturing technologies have made it possible to replicate texture, colour and the delicate details we love in nature. 

Looking after fresh flowers can be fiddly and time consuming; refreshing water, picking up petals, polishing out pollen stains and mourning their loss after only a few days of beauty.  Faux is the perfect solution for people who don’t have the time or budget to buy fresh flowers consistently.

A striking vase of Hoax’s deceptively natural blooms will ensure you are always guest ready.  They won’t set off allergies or drop poisonous berries for pets and children to eat or squash into your best carpet. 

Don’t forget to let your friends in on the secret, wow them with a gift from Hoax Flowers which will last for ever!

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