Flowers are undeniably the finishing touch for any interior and a great way to transform a space without huge investment.  Using artificial flowers saves both time and money when compared to having to regularly replace fresh bouquets.  Whether you use faux arrangements to make sure your home is always guest ready or to add flourish to a neglected corner, at Hoax we have carefully crafted designs to suit any interior and space.


First impressions are key to a welcoming household so go as big as possible when choosing any floral display for your hallway.   This space also sets the mood of your home; if it’s a contemporary  interior a vase filled with just one flower variety works well for a modern look or for a more rustic vibe having a ‘just picked’ arrangement of wild flowers would evoke the right atmosphere.


The kitchen island is the perfect focal point for a floral bouquet and the great advantage of using faux florals is that you won’t have to worry about fallen petals in food or pollen stains on worktops.  Why not add a bold pop of colour if it’s a mostly light space or alternatively a cool and calming muted selection of blooms for a holistic vibe.  

Placing our faux floral displays on window sills is also a great option to bring a sense of the outside in and you won’t have to worry about them wilting after a few days if it's a sunny spot! 


We recommend smaller arrangements for sitting rooms, dotting them on coffee tables, in fireplaces (although not when there is direct heat!), window sills and console tables.  Sitting rooms are a much-loved and much-used space in any home and seasonal faux floral displays will help create the perfect complimentary atmosphere whether it’s warm and cosy during Winter or fresh and uplifting for Spring.   

Browse the Hoax range to find the perfect display for your home, we guarantee it will be one of the best decor investments you ever make.


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