Everyday we are looking for ways we can reduce our impact on the planet and reusability is a simple step in the right direction and one of the reasons we are so passionate about our Hoax arrangements.  We wanted to bring the best of professional floral design to the artificial flower market, creating deceptively realistic bouquets and arrangements that will stand the test of time.   The longevity of artificial flowers versus their real counterparts doesn’t just save money over time but it also saves the environmental cost of repeatedly harvesting, transporting, purchasing and disposing of fresh flowers.  

Research has also found the production of fresh flowers is having a greater impact on the environment as commercial growers require large heated greenhouses, pesticides, herbicides and vast amounts of water to achieve the required standard of blooms and meet the volume of demand.

In addition once cut, fresh flowers are wrapped in plastic to protect their fragile blooms before being flown across the globe and then transported by lorry to their final destination.   Whilst faux flowers are boxed in recyclable cardboard and shipped, further reducing their carbon emissions compared to fresh flowers as there is no time pressure to get them to the consumer before they expire. 

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