The BIG Valentine's Day Hoax

When it comes to love you should NEVER fake it...unless it's your flowers.

How did flowers become the gift of choice for lovers on Valentine's Day?  Bridgerton fans will have noticed the system of 'floriography' in the show, the gifting of floral bouquets to symbolise a romantic interest which in fact dates back to the Victorian era.  

At Hoax, our expert florists have designed a stunning collection of arrangements, that just like the greatest love stories will last a lifetime and never wilt or fade.  Why not give the gift of forever flowers and wow your loved one every day until next Valentines and beyond? 

Red Roses remain the most popular flower choice for romance with a rich history symbolising love, beauty and passion.  Our Valentina vase takes the classic dozen red Roses to another level, pairing them with Burgundy Cotinus and fresh green Robinia all displayed in an elegant gold rimmed vase.  


For a twist on the classic we designed our stunning Ophelia arrangement, a romantic array of red and pink Roses mingled with Hypericum berries, Lisianthus and seasonal foliage in a smokey grey vase. Guaranteed to impress and be enjoyed all year round.  

Our sugar-sweet Rosie arrangement is a sumptuous mix of tonal pink and peach Roses expertly arranged by Hoax florists in a warm pink vase to captivate and delight. 

If your loved one isn't a fan of Roses, our team of skilled florists have designed a host of exquisite vase arrangements to suit all tastes.  Josephine is a burst of glorious Mimosa sure to brighten anyone's day.  Vida is an invigorating display of seasonal foliage, perfect for the wild at heart and Grace is a natural beauty that looks as though it was just picked from the garden. 

These are just a few of our favourites but you can view our full collection here.

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